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Welcome To Mackeen Technology

Technology systems are undeniably one of the most critical and sensitive acquisitions any organization could make. Needless to mention, many of these systems require a reasonably sizable financial investment to implement. However, when you consider its pivotal role in improving the functionality and efficiency of your business, particularly in areas of high business activity and a low tolerance for errors where the human element cannot offer the needed error free processing speed, it becomes clearly apparent the importance of having an experienced and professional integrator to implement your system system requirements, after all a system that constantly crashes due to inappropriate integration can hinder business performance and negatively impact bottom lines.    

We at Mackeen Technology pride ourselves in the fact that we only recruit the best and most qualified local and regional talent that understand the local market needs, industry best practices and regulatory guidelines and restrictions.  However, we also understand that experience alone is not sufficient to ensure system stability and thus under the wise leadership of our Mother Company, Mackeen Holding, we have tied up ourselves with multiple globally reputed brands and became their local prime partners according to their respective partner rating systems.   

We also realized that even just partnering up with such global brands wasn’t enough to make us the number one Technology Systems Integrator in Qatar and thus we ensured that our team gets the appropriate and highest levels of certifications and training in the systems and products we have partnered with to ensure that every system we deliver provides and exceeds the needed system requirements while adhering to the global benchmark standards and in turn offering the Qatari market the level of elite integration services that it deserves.